A room with many towels on the shelves

Laundry Museum

Our back-of-house laundry service is so meticulous, we had to show it off! We are the first hotel ever to feature an open-concept laundry facility, so that our guests can witness, first-hand, how perfectly their towels and linens are cleaned. In fact, our laundry facility is like a museum. Take a seat along our super long bench and enjoy one of our scrumptious signature Bomb-ettes with a steaming espresso, latte or cappuccino while you witness our in-house laundry specialists at work through the massive viewing glass. 

A woman in white dress and gloves standing next to shelves.
A woman laying in bed with her eyes closed.

Tumble dry takes on an entirely new meaning when you see how well our laundry specialists handle our fine linens. Folded and pressed, it is like watching a symphony of cleanliness. Developed in 2017 by ette’s visionaries as a novel application of the open kitchen, the open concept, back-of-house laundry is destined to become the new norm in hospitality. When it does, remember…
…ette had it first!